Photos of my flowering Cacti and Succulents,
Orchids, Passifloras and other pretty things - some growing wild in meadows and in the woods


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Trip report: Ecuagenera Orchid tour July 2013 to Ecuador

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My favorite place to post my Orchids, see the monthly threads

Blc Dan O'Neil 'Jubilee', Lc Miss Wonderful (?), Lyonara Mem Doug Lace 'Rosminah', Oerstedella centradenia, Dinema polybulbon, Dendrobium nugentii

Cym Amazing 'Marlow Orchids', Cattleya aclandiae, Cattleya luteola, Coelogyne Burfordiense, Darwinara Walnut Valley x Ascda Blue Sky, Dendrobium batanense

Mexipedium xerophyticum

Neofinetia falcata and related hybrids and Den. moniliforme

My Amorphophallus konjac var rivieri bloomed this year!

Cymbidium Mimi 'Mary Bea', Potinara Red Heart 'Neptune', Stelis ciliolata, Sigmatostalix eliae

http://kammlott.net/KammiAnna6y/HBKammiAnnaKlausHeide05.jpg   Kammi and Anna 6 years old  

     http://kammlott.net/JakeandEmma/JakeandEmma.jpg     Jake  and Emma 


Native Orchids of NE Pennsylvania

and other related habitats

Cacti & Succulents


Fat plants/caudiciforms

      various other Cacti& Succulents


         P.alato-caerulea / x belotii                                      
         P.incarnata 'Incense'

         P.violacea or P. 'Amethyst'
         P. foetida  
P. coriacea

Orchids Shows, Travel, and everything else at home

Trip to Iceland and Greenland, lots of pictures!

SEPOS 2010 at Longwood Garden

Silva Orchids open house Jan 28. 2010

Helga and Rudolf's Goldene Hochzeit  - Germany 2009 folder and slideshow at Shutterfly

Seashore 2009

Rob and Jeannette wedding pictures May23. 2009 and a link to slide show

Daytrip to the NJ Pine Barrens, lots of Wildflowers, Mosses, Lichens and Pogonia ophioglossoides

SEPOS Show at Longwood Garden March 27. -29. 2009, pics taken on the 28.

Greenhouse in March

Herbert's visit

Visit to the partially frozen Paterson Falls in NJ

February 2009  Deep Cut Orchid Society Show

Oct 10. 2008 B and G visit and Liz's 80th Birthday

March 30. 2008 Pictures of the SEPOS at Longwood Gardens

March 11. 2008 pictures and impressions from our trip to Burkina Faso

December 5. 2007 Here is the vacation summary page
December 2. 2007  Pictures from our trip to Hamburg, South Africa, Namibia and Dubai.  The Giraffes, Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, many different types of Antilopes and Rhinos etc are to be seen at the Amakhala folder. Look at the gorgeous dunes at Sossusvlei and much more. 

Pig roast October13. 2007

End of June 2007 Visit to Shelburne Falls, Amherst and surrounding:
Kathy and Daniel's home,
David Walker's greenhouses
Black Jungle Terrarium Supply
Bill Hutchinson greenhouse/Larch Hill
Flower Bridge in Shelburne Falls in the evening

Germany trip Sept 2006

Christmas 2006

August 14. 2006 Flowering of the Titan Arum at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden                      

Very interesting website set up by Brendan Blake a fellow traveler to Libya, great eclipse pictures and a lot more

April 6. 2006 pictures from our recent Libya trip to view the solar eclipse in the Sahara desert and many pictures from the ancient ruins of Leptis Magna, Cyrene and Sabratha amongst gorgeous scenery filled with  wildflowers. Hope you enjoy my armchair trip. Another extra link to the pictures here.

March 17.2006 recent Greenhouse mix.                          

March 29. 2005  pictures from the World Orchid Conference 2005 in Dijon and Florissimo

February 24.2005  my pictures of the Christo Gates in Central Park/ New York City

November 5. 2004 front view of greenhouse and back view (having been asked many times )

Greenhouse stuff moving in

October 2001 new greenhouse  

Aristolochia gigantea   Zamioculcas zamiifolia   Staghorn Fern   Gloriosa Lily   Datura

Joe's Glass Art - Aerangis biloba and Cookara

Trip to Peru  in 2001  Machu Picchu Orchids
Visit the ancient ruins of Angkor in Cambodia


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