Trip to Iceland and Greenland July 29. to August 13. 2011

The trip in a nutshell:

Starting out in Reykjavik/Iceland

--> travelling overland to Stykkisholmur (starting at 627), hot springs ( 575 and foll.) and waterfalls in Borgarfjordur, (536 and foll)  exploring the Snaefellsness Peninsula, coastal Budir lava field, Shark meat - processing plant (766 and foll), Dinner cruise ( 776 and foll) watching Puffins and other birds and eating the freshest Scallops and Sea Urchins straight out of the waters.

--> travelling overland to Akureyri, visiting the homestead of Erik the Red (862 ...), horse farm ( learning about the special 5. gait of Icelandic Dressur horses ( starting 
      at  884)
     Husavik, ( starting at 949) Whale watching excursion
     Godafoss waterfall & Lake Myvatn, saw two native Orchids here and at the pseudo crater field of Skutustadir ( starting at 1137)

--> flying back to Reykjavik, exploring the Continental divide ( North America and Europe) at Thingvellier ( starting at 1217) , Geysir Hot Springs,
     Gullfoss Waterfall ( 1229 and foll)

--> Exploring South Iceland around Selfoss, Seljalandsfoss waterfall (1243) and Markafljot river

--> Glacial river rafting ( no pictures) Geothermal plant, Dyrholaey and Vik at the Southern tip (1252 and foll.), Glacier walk, visiting greenhouses of cut-flower business  

--> travelling overland back to Reykjavik, swimming in the warm Blue Lagoon (1320..)

--> flying from Reykjavik in a Fokker 50 to Kulusuk/Greenland, mountain Jeep tour to a former American Radar DEW line, saw Arctic fox ( starting at 1377)

--> Helicopter to Angmassalik (starting at 1391), Tupilak work shop (1416 to 1420 and 1538 to 1547)  and walking tour, Glacier boat cruise (starting at 1425),
      Valley of the Flowers ( 1458 and foll.), visit with Thomasina ( 1562 and more)

--> one of the two helicopters was out of commission, so a normally 15 minute Helicopter ride or a boat-ride of about 90 m minutes turned into a very interesting      

      boat-ride of ca 4 hours through pack-ice and and fog and due to the by now low tide at Kulusuk warranted a drop off with the help of a small outboard- motor 
      boat. ( 1602 to the end)

--> from Kulusuk back to Reykjavic and home the next day.

The pictures are organized in folders, the contact sheets at the top of the picture folders show the thumbnails of the pictures and they are not linked. They should however aid in selecting pictures of interest.

Here is a sampling -    Platanthera hyperborea Pseudorchis albida

Hope you enjoy,

      Klaus and Ursula